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LongTorch is a leading consulting firm in China, focusing on open innovation, venture capital investment and related services.

LongTorch is a spin-off of Longray Consulting, which has been engaged in strategic consulting, technical marketing, financing and venture capital investment in China for more than a decade. The founders of LongTorch have extensive experience in technology planning, R&D management, venture capital investment and intellectual property operation. LongTorch has been established to seize the huge opportunities related to innovation and venture capital investment in China, the second largest economy in the world.

Over the past few decades, China has been experiencing unprecedented growth in its recent history. At present, China is undergoing profound structural shift from traditional industries, such as real estate, construction, oil, etc. to technology innovations and is committed to transforming itself into innovation-oriented country and leading technology innovations in the world. As part of its grand plans, the Chinese government has set out an important national policy of ˇ°Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurshipˇ± and allocated huge annual budgets to encourage and support technology innovations and entrepreneurship.

Against this background, LongTorch is well positioned to take the advantage of the major transformation in China by leveraging its extensive professional experience, its unconventional innovation mining tools, its strong ties to key innovator networks, and its insights of the unique Chinese culture.

LongTorch adopts innovative approaches to help international companies explore the huge China market and provides unparalleled support to your efforts and needs in open innovation and venture capital investment in China.

In 2005, we started out intellectual property valuation and transaction services.

In 2010, we took our business to a new level and started offering technology mining and transaction services.

In 2015,
we brought our business to a further level and started offering open innovation and venture capital investment services.
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