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Proficiency in Chinese Culture
Professional Experience
Unconventional Services

We are thoroughly familiar with
Chinese culture

In-depth knowledge of Chinese culture is important groundwork for international companies to complete successful technology transactions in China. Regardless of whether the potential partner is a university, a company or an individual in China, and regardless of whether the transaction is for patent and technology acquisitions, joint R&D, equity investment, or M&A of startups, without exception, it is necessary to have sufficient understanding of Chinese culture.

In China, despite the huge amounts of research funding annually provided by the government, some international companies still feel that it is difficult to find valuable technologies, while other international companies are puzzled by the terms and conditions offered by the potential partners and have to pass up the opportunities. In reality, these obstacles are frequently caused by the lack of understanding of Chinese culture.

LongTorch has deep understanding of the impact of Chinese culture on technology transactions and is familiar with the techniques for overcoming these obstacles. LongTorch can effectively assist international companies to successfully complete transactions.

We have extensive experience in
providing services

LongTorch has a core team with extensive experience. Each member of the core team has well over 15 years of professional experience, and some members have over 25 years of professional experience.

LongTorch¡¯s core team has experience in providing services in areas covering electronics, communications, software engineering, bio-pharmaceuticals, mineral materials, etc. In recent years, we have provided services to various international clients in technology scouting and venture capital investment. The relevant technologies relate to mobile communications systems and terminals, big data storage, consumer electronics, solar photovoltaic and wind energy, cardio-cerebral vascular and endocrine medicines, vital signs detection, medical imaging and ultrasound, rare earth, graphene and other new industrial materials, soil nutrition and generic engineering for plants, packaging for food and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), etc.

In addition to the experience in technology services, LongTorch has rich experience in intellectual property, including purchase and sale of intellectual property assets, licensing, valuation and advisory.

We have unconventional service tools
to support our services

Since 2010, LongTorch has developed three unconventional service tools that have effectively supported our services. These tools are CURDS (China United R&D Database System), Collaboration Offices and Innovation Project Pool.

CURDS is a database system that contains comprehensive research information related to the subdivisions of the technical expertise of the research teams at all science and engineering universities across Greater China.

Collaboration Offices have been set up based on the collaboration model we have developed in conjunction with local incubation parks situated throughout China. These offices allow our clients to benefit from the opportunities related to technology innovations and startups originated in the local regions.

Innovation Project Pool contains a collection of the innovations resulting from upgrading the technologies and products by thousands of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in a variety of technology domains, through the support of LongTorch¡¯s CURDS. This allows our international clients to screen and select among the numerous opportunities in the pool for investment or acquisition.
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