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Our Technology Domains
Our services cover six major technology domains: chemistry and materials, clean technologies, equipment and manufacturing, electronics and communications, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and agriculture and food. Among these domains, LongTorch is particularly keen on the innovations and startups in the fields of new materials, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, healthcare and biopharmaceuticals.

Breakthroughs in information technology and material science have resulted in the increasingly deeper cross connections and permeations among different technology domains, so that the previous mutual limiting factors are gradually becoming mutual promoting factors. We have even observed that the technology in one domain brings along revolutionary opportunities to another technology domain. These changes present challenges to traditional service providers that focus solely on a single technology domain as they have to provide cross-domain services.

LongTorch services are open in its nature from the beginning. First, we utilize cross-domain, big data analysis tools to perform mining of opportunities, so that we are able to capture revolutionary opportunities among different technology domains. Second, we look for opportunities for our clients based on an integration of three different perspectives rather than relying on a single perspective. These three perspectives are the perspectives of technology researchers indicative of advancement of technology, corporate management indicative of profitability of technology, and the government indicative of the macro-economic nature of technology. Third, we consider communications between parties in need of technologies and technology providers as being extremely important. By letting experts to face experts rather than sitting in between them, we no longer need to worry about how many technical staff we need because we know precisely what our role should be.

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