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Leveraging our unconventional tools including CURDS, Collaboration Offices and Innovation Project Pool and our extensive experience, LongTorch offers three key services for international technology companies. These services are TMS (Technology Mining Service), ECS (Expanding Capability Service for R&D) and ITPChina (Innovation Technology Platform of China). These services are also referred to as Innovative Technology Mining Service, Innovation Team Mining Service and Startup Mining Service, respectively.
Mining for Innovative Technologies

Technology Mining Service (TMS)

Service scope:
Technology and patent acquisition, technology and patent licensing, searching for product suppliers with innovative technologies.

Based on clientsĄŻ specific needs in innovative technologies, we perform mining for promising innovative technologies across the entire China via CURDS, Collaboration Offices and Innovation Project Pool. With the support of CURDS, Collaboration Offices and Innovation Project Pool, LongTorch is able to truly adhere to the open innovation principles and provides mining services in connection with clientsĄŻ specific needs by extending the search crossing multiple technology domains (rather than limiting it to a given technology domain), thus bringing unexpected opportunities and benefits to clients. Since 2010, LongTorch has been providing this service and has brought opportunities of innovative technologies in China to numerous international companies. These opportunities are in the fields of communications, consumer electronics, medical equipment, bio-pharmaceuticals, clean energy, new materials, smart equipment, food, etc. The related transactions include technology acquisition, technology collaboration, technology in-licensing, supplier certification, etc.


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